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Author: OECD

2017 Global Forum on Responsible Business Conduct

29-30 June 2017, Paris: The Global Forum is the first multi-stakeholder platform for integrating corporate responsibility questions into the global economic agenda. Governments, business, trade unions and civil society will come together to provide insights and exchange views on how to do well while doing no harm in an effort to contribute to sustainable development and enduring social...

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Bridging divides in a post-truth world

The 2017 OECD Forum takes place after a series of political upheavals few would have predicted scarcely twelve months ago. Divides have become more apparent between metropolises and capital cities on the one hand, and towns and villages on the other, between Millennials and pensioners, between the haves and the have-nots, between the best and the...

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Can we save our democracies from hackers?

The first generation of those born into the internet age is already joining the workforce and yet the internet still manages to disrupt. The phenomenon of fake news is one of the by-products of digital transformation and it is worth taking a look at what is new, and not so new, and how it fits in to the rest of what some are calling the “post-truth...

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Business brief: Bomare: An innovative player

Bomare Company was founded in 2001. Its current capital is DA 620 million (US$5.6 million) and its production covers two major fields: the manufacture of electronic and telephone apparatus (televisions, smartphones, tablets, satellite receivers and professional display screens) under our own brand Stream System and international brands, and subcontracting for the automobile, aeronautics and renewable energy...

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Figures and feelings both count, as a matter of fact

In Henrik Ibsen’s play, An Enemy of the People, a town is divided over whether or not to clean up the municipal baths following a water contamination report. But a doctor’s good intentions to save the town come up against special interests. In the end, the facts are rejected, the truth reshaped and the water is not cleansed. As for the doctor, he is cast out as the...

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