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The EU Single Market Information Tool: The European Commission’s new investigative power in 2018

By Gianni De Stefano and Jaime Rodríguez-Toquero The European Commission is about to gain a new investigative power through the Single Market Information Tool (SMIT).  The SMIT will allow the Commission to request information (including factual market data or fact-based analysis) from private firms or trade associations when the Commission initiates or substantiates infringement proceedings against one or more Member State(s) that may have failed to fulfil an obligation under the applicable Single Market legislation.  This post will discuss the background of the SMIT, its purported rationale, and critically reflect on the powers granted to the Commission under the...

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Does Member State Withdrawal from the European Union Extinguish EU Citizenship? C/13/640244 / KG ZA 17-1327 of the Rechtbank Amsterdam (‘The Amsterdam Case’)

By Oliver Garner Contents Introduction: A New Route from Amsterdam to Luxembourg. A Brief Chronology of the Relevant Facts and Sources for the Amsterdam Case. A Summary of the Amsterdam District Court Decision. Legal Analysis of the Questions Referred: The Arguments for and against Automatic extinction and a Potential Compromise. Conclusion: The Ramifications of Emancipative Legal Constitutionalism. Introduction: A New Route from Amsterdam to Luxembourg Despite the United Kingdom’s impending withdrawal from the European Union, a direct Eurostar train route from London to Amsterdam will soon be established. This route will enable, amongst others, all of those holding the...

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Neues aus dem Elfenbeinturm: February 2018

Call for submissions – European Papers No deadline. Conference “Looking to the Future and Beyond: New Approaches to ADR” University of Leicester, 10 May 2018. Deadline for abstract submissions: 28 February 2018. Dimensions and Identities Summer School “Dimensions of Human Rights” University of Salzburg, 23-27 July 2018. Deadline for abstract submissions: 30 March 2018. Colloquium “Current Challenges for EU Cross-Border Litigation in a Changing Procedural Environment” Max-Planck-Institute Luxembourg for International, European and Regulatory Procedural Law, 26 September 2018. Deadline for abstract submissions: 15 April 2018. Conference “Le règlement des différends dans les accords de l’UE avec des pays tiers” University...

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The State of Play on Citizens’ Rights and Brexit

By Gareth Davies When Britain leaves the EU there will be several million citizens of other Member States living in the UK, and probably around a million UK citizens living elsewhere in the EU. What happens to their rights when they suddenly cease to be living in the EU, or to be a Union citizen? This was one of the three ‘divorce’ issues that were addressed in the first phase of Brexit negotiations (the others were the Northern Irish border and the financial arrangements around withdrawal). That phase ended in December 2017 with a joint report to the Council...

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Neues aus dem Elfenbeinturm: January 2018

Call for papers: Workshop “Information Sharing and European Agencies: Novel Frontiers” European University Institute, 23 May 2018. Deadline for submissions: 15 February 2018. Call for Papers: “Challenges to EU Law and Governance in the Member States” European University Institute, 8 June 2018. Deadline for submissions: 18 February. Call for papers: Special Issue “Revisiting WTO’s Role in Global Governance” Trade, Law and Development. Deadline for submissions: 28 February 2018. Call for Papers: PhD Colloquium “Regulating New Technologies in Uncertain Times” Tilburg University, 14 June 2018. Deadline for submissions: 28 February 2018. Call for Papers: “Geography and Legal Culture on the...

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