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Author: European Economic and Social Committee

Towards an effective development policy

Promoting the involvement of economic and social actors in development cooperation Economic and social actors and other civil society organisations can contribute, through their expertise and involvement, to the current and future challenges of development cooperation policy and be active partners for the European Institutions in creating a more coordinated, inclusive and efficient development policy....

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Social Dumping in the Civil Aviation Sector

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is currently preparing an own initiative opinion on “Social Dumping in the Civil Aviation Sector”. A hearing will be organized in order to gather relevant views and proposals regarding the new business models adopted by some air transport companies that could lead to social dumping. This may involve a downgrading of working conditions, training, health and safety and wages. The EESC is concerned that, under the cover of intense competition, many airlines resort to more precarious forms of employment and demand new forms of flexibility that benefit mainly the company, leading to...

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