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Author: European Economic and Social Committee

The European Economic and Social Committee stands firmly behind the priorities of the first Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU

“The Presidency’s success does not reflect the size of the country – it is driven by the political will to push for policies that are crucial for the future of Europe”, said the EESC’s president Georges Dassis in his welcome speech to the Bulgarian Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Policy, Zornitsa Roussinova, at the EESC’s plenary session in...

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EU Funds for integration – How can we better support people with a migrant background?

The event will launch the “Toolkit on the use of EU Funds for the integration of people with a migrant background”. The European Commission continues to look for ways to assist Member States in the field of integration of third country nationals. Based on the lessons learnt, the toolkit aims to support national and regional funding authorities in implementing integration policies through the use of EU funds and, therefore, to reinforce synergies between those funds. This will help identify measures to promote the use of EU funds in the fields of employment, education, reception, housing and access to basic...

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