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Author: ETUI European Trade Union Institute

Work in the digital economy in 2030

On 20 and 21 June 2017, the ETUI Foresight Unit organised its first prospective seminar on the theme “Work in the digital economy in 2030”. For two days, some twenty researchers, mainly academics but also from trade unions, from different countries of the European Union and experts in the fields of digitisation of the economy met in Brussels, at ETUI’s premises, to discuss and debate possible...

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Joint roundtable on the future of work

Digital change already today has an impact on the design of our working environment, from flexible working conditions to the automation of routine work. This trend will continue to intensify in the coming years. But which developments are likely to occur and how to shape the future for the benefit of employees and companies alike? These questions were discussed by about 50 participants from science, social partners and EU-institutions on 1 June 2017, at the first joint roundtable by the ETUI, the European Trade Union Institute and the Cologne Institute for Economic Research (IW Köln) under the title „The...

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Estonia: cooperation with Nordic countries’ unions helps to boost union membership

In 2012, the Nordic and Baltic unions have launched a cooperation project titled the Baltic Organising Academy (BOA). It aims at enhancing unionization in the three Baltic countries. Five years on, the initial assessment of this initiative is particularly encouraging in Estonia, as reported in a book recently published by the...

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Digitalisation: between disruption and evolution

What are the implications of the ‘digital revolution’ on the quantity and quality of jobs? Does the digital economy undermine the traditional employment relationship? Is this time really different and disruptive or are we witnessing a gradual evolution of the trend towards an information or knowledge-based society? These are some of the questions tackled by several academic experts in the latest issue of the ETUI’s quarterly ‘Transfer – European Review of Labour and...

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Trade union-related researchers from across Europe come together for ninth conference

Members of the trade union-related research institutes (TURI) network met for their ninth annual conference to discuss current research agendas and to exchange views and findings. This year the conference took place at the Unison centre in London, from 17 to 19 May. Brexit was obviously an unavoidable topic, especially with the first session of the conference devoted to social dialogue in the UK and the current challenges facing British trade...

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Attempts by the French trade unions to moderate the Labour Code reforms planned by the new President

On 23 May, the new French President conducted face-to-face interviews with all of the social partners to discuss the planned Labour Code reforms which were among his key manifesto promises. During the interviews, Emmanuel Macron made it clear that his priorities were to decentralise collective negotiations to company level, to cap the compensation awarded by industrial tribunals to victims of unfair dismissal and to engage in fresh negotiations with the social partners on the eligibility criteria for ‘arduous work...

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