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Author: Consumer blog

Take me home! Lessons from Monarch’s closure

<!–[if gte mso 9]> <![endif]–> On Monday, 2 October 2017 Brexit claimed its first major victim! The UK based Monarch (Airlines and Holidays) went into administration. The bankruptcy of the company came for many as an unpleasant surprise,  leaving 110.000 passengers stranded abroad and many more disappointed with the cancellation of their holiday. According to the BBC, Brexit is in...

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The UK enforcement action worked: Ryanair changed its practice

Following up on our last week’s post on the enforcement action of the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) against Ryanair for failing to inform consumers of their rights, it looks like that the enforcement action was successful. Ryanair has changed its practice. It has emailed affected customers and published an announcement on its website, explaining passenger rights stemming from Regulation...

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Flight cancellation saga continues: enforcement action against Ryanair in the UK

Following up on our previous blog post and on the ongoing Ryanair scandal, our readers may be interested that the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA), the UK’s aviation regulator, started an enforcement action against Ryanair. The CAA alleges that Ryanair persistently mislead passengers by providing inaccurate information regarding their rights guaranteed by Regulation 261/2004 in respect of...

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Guidelines on food products of dual quality published (though mainly on the UCPD)

Remember Jean-Claude Juncker’s State of the Union address? Not too many probably recall that it also referred to consumer issues, which, admittedly, are less captivating than broad institutional reforms. One of the consumer topics which made its way to the speech and has also attracted a fair deal of media attention is the apparent divergence in the quality of some products sold under the...

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Tube back in business? Uber loses its license in London

Transport for London (TfL) decided not to renew the licence that Uber holds for operating in London. Uber has now one month to appeal, during which time (and the appeal procedure) they may continue to conduct business in London. If the appeal is unsuccessful, however, this may cause thousands of Uber drivers to lose their extra income and Londoners to have to switch back to more expensive...

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Foreign currency loans? Inform consumers of risks! – CJEU in Andriciuc (C-186/16)

The Court issued its judgement yesterday in the Andriciuc case (C-186/16), another case concerning consumer loans taken in foreign currency. As we have previously reported on this blog (Foreign currency and unfair terms…), AG Wahl considered average consumers to be able to foresee foreign currency fluctuations without the need for the banks to provide separate warnings about this...

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