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Confirming commitment to circular economy

Setting up the right enabling framework, driving uptake of circular economy, is a key task for the new European Commission and EU stakeholders. Industry is looking forward to a renewed approach, Markus J. Beyrer said at a meeting with European, Austrian and German waste management associations on January 21st 2015. This approach needs to address the whole life-cycle of products and materials as well as sector-specific interests, instead of a one-size-fits-all solution focused on high targets for recycling of municipal waste, reuse and landfilling. Moving from alinear model, including markets with secondary raw materials and removing obstacles preventing new business models, as well as ensuring a fair distribution of costs, were also stressed by...

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Better macroeconomic conditions should not reduce reform efforts

The now more growth-supportive macroeconomic environment, created by ECB’s recent efforts as well as by lower oil prices and a weaker euro exchange rate against the US dollar, must not lead to policy complacency. It must not come at the expense of Member States reducing their reform efforts, BUSINESSEUROPE’s Economics Director James Watson highlighted at the Macroeconomic Dialogue meeting at technical level on January 27th 2015. Economic recovery is still taking place only at a very slow pace with little momentum, with 1.2% real growth for the Euro-Area and 1.7% for the EU in 2015 (according to BUSINESSEUROPE’s Autumn Outlook). We should not forget that recent data have underlined the fragility of the recovery in the EU, and the Euro-Area especially, Watson...

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Making the European gas market fit for industrial competitiveness and growth

Europe needs to establish an integrated energy internal market, Markus J. Beyrer said at the 8th European Annual Gas Conference co-hosted by OMV. It needs to diversify its supplies, both externally and internally, and create an industry-friendly regulatory environment that makes the European gas market ready for the next centuries. Beyrer addressed the challenges of the European gas market from an industrial consumer perspective, such as high energy costs that reduce industrial competitiveness. The 8th European Annual Gas Conference on January 28th 2015 in Vienna featured senior representatives and experts from the gas industry, including...

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